Project Director

As Project Director, I coordinate the communication between the sites providing SOC-CESS services and the many resources used to build extended behavioral health services for youth and families. I also work closely with youth and families to advocate so that systems hear their voice and that they have every opportunity to provide leadership in developing and enhancing services.
Principal Investigator
Project Coordinator- Ozark Center

Mental Health Licensed professional counselor, who has worked with children, youth, & young adults. She began her career as a community support specialist, worked at Turnaround Ranch, & then became a therapist at Will’s Place. In my current role I focus on early episode psychosis, education about mental health issues, & increasing the voice of families and youth in the area.
Project Coordinator- Burrell

Sherrie provides leadership for a SOC-CESS team that promotes effective working relationships between community agencies and families. She assists in developing and supporting services which encourage youth, young adults and families to strengthen their voices within the community so they can advocate for their needs. She works with an amazing team to increase community outreach, raise awareness and reduce stigma related to mental health issues.
Statewide Family Support Coordinator

I will provide feedback from the viewpoint of a parent of a young adult who was diagnosed with psychosis at 12 years old. This will be provided to the Youth Engagement Specialist to build youth voice & youth peer support. I will work with the Family Support Task Lead to develop a plan to begin SOFI. I will provide support to the agencies to build a culture that understands & values family & youth voice.
Social Marketing Coordinator

I help promote and integrate SOC-CESS within our communities. I keep track of our website and social media and will be happy to answer any questions you have!
Lead Data Collector
Data Collector
Data Collector
Family Support Provider
Bobbie is a Youth Peer Support with Burrell.
Eva is a YPS with Burrell.

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